Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Muse Cometh

It seems like weeks since I've had time to write, and sure enough I realize I haven't been here since early November. Yeesh.

It happens to coincide with a promotion I took, so no surprise there. I don't like that working seems to always edge out thinking (grin). More posts soon as I get a bit more even, or rather my life does. I've spent years learning to remain balanced thru all kinds of storms; hoping that means it doesn't take such a toll.

Dreaming lately (seems out of the blue) about managing disasters so am back to the grad school search. U of Chicago seems good, but will do some checking to verify.

Fun aside : in my dreams I was working to get people - soon to be known as civilians? - out of harms way during a flood. The fun part was that the scene replayed itself, in a series. Each time I got a little better at getting people out. More lives saved. Interesting.

By way of a small update, am settling into work as Manager at a small bistro (is that redundant?) and apres holidays with kids. Still teaching Hebrew, and learning to deal with snow/cold (it's not bad actually). Noticing how fragile hope can be sometimes, and how much feelings ebb and flow over longer stretches of time. I've slogged for a long time, but more as a pilgrimage than a punishment. Wondering if hope gets more fragile as we get older? There's that whole bit about the enthusiasm of youth... I still have mine, and laugh loud and often, feel deeply, all that. However I am more selective about where I put my energy :) Probably a good sign.
ps. also changing around my accounts online - dumping loaded email addresses for instance. Early spring cleaning

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