Saturday, December 31, 2011

G-d bless the joyful wretched.The wretchful joyed.

G-d bless the lonely and the crowded. The ones who have ripped their hearts out and given them away. Bless the children who don't know and the adults who do. Bless those who never tell and those who tell Everyone.

Bless the old who know and won't tell anymore, without coaxing.

G-d bless the walker and the walkee. G-d bless those who build castles of money and think this makes them safe. G-d bless the rich who know they are not safe. G-d bless the rich in spirit. G-d bless the destitute. G-d bless the thieves, white collar, blue collar, no collar, no shirt.

God bless the clueless and the ones mired in shit and bless the shit. Bless all the shit that thou hast wrought.

Bless those who masturbate in secret. And those who masturbate in public. And those who don't masturbate. Bless the ones who fear masturbation and those who laugh at the procreators.

God bless the creative and the destroyers.

G-d bless the children and their abusers. Bless the evil and the ignorant. G-d bless the arrogant. Bless the atheist, and agnostic, I think. And G-d bless the faithful.

G-d bless the blind who can see and the sighted who are blind. Bless those too tired to look. Bless those who didn't know they were supposed to look.

G-d bless the asshole who throws trash out of the window, and the infirm who drop trash. G-d bless those looking for redemption and those redeemed and those beyond redemption.

Bless those who don't know and those who don't care.

Bless the stone throwers and their glass houses. Bless the ones with houses that won't sell, and those without houses. Bless those who would rather sleep under the stars, but find themselves in houses.

Bless the ones who take running water for granted and those who run from water and those who dive in.

Bless the full pantries and the empty souls and the full souls who have no room for more.

Bless the lazy and those who sell their children's souls for convenience or status, and refuse to consider freedom thru compassion. Bless those who are hard lined, and those too young for lines. Bless the lines that are supposed to protect us.

Bless the fearful and the terrified, and the justifiers and the justifications themselves. Bless the blade that cuts our meat and our fingers and throats, and chest open. Bless the bullet that defends a life and that ends a life. Bless the hand that pulled the trigger. Bless the brave and the coward.

Bless the dark and the light and the blanket. Bless the bed, sheets smoothed down. Bless the monster under the  bed.

Bless the denial that we all carry around, snuggle under, until it is time for facing our monsters.

Bless our thumbs, and sense of superiority. Bless the tired and the illicit and the crazy. Bless those who know but won't talk.

G-d bless those who read Proust and those who want to and can't and those who wonder who is Proust.

Bless those who work hard and those who don't care anymore and those who would like to care but can't.

Bless the prostrate and the energetic and the wandering lost.

Bless the incomprehensible and the random. Bless the ones who thought they were brilliant to invent ____ and then sad to find it dangerous. Bless the dangerous.

Bless the Jews and the fucking radicals and bless them even when we hate their actions and want to beat them up for accosting women and children.

Bless the camps all the crowded miserable horrible camps.

Bless racism and idiots. Bless all the bombs. Or none of them.

Bless those who believe in only black and white.

G-d bless those who believe in favorites.

Bless the miserly and mean and stupid and all the old and young. Bless the middle aged and fat bodies we drag around and the clothes made in China.

Bless the Chinese and the Palestinians, and Al Queda and the next terrorists. Bless the deranged and the sweaty and the smelly. Bless the good stuff and the reprehensible.

Bless hell and those who go thru it and those who never make it out.

Bless those who make things that disturb us and those that can't watch.

Bless the rock and the hard place

Bless the fire and the ice.

Bless the cold that keeps us moving and the warmth that we enjoy. Bless the laughter and the desperation that makes us laugh too hard.

Bless the insecure and the infirm and the strong and capable. Bless those who mistake strength for good and vulnerability for weakness.

Bless the ones who remember and those who forget.

Bless the nature of things and the essence and the spaces in between.

Bless the void and the connections.

Bless you too G-d, even if you are an atheist.

Bless all those who are determined to put prayers back in school, and those who realize it never left.

Bless those who say wtf and those who wonder if you made that up first.

Bless the wretched and the joyful. Bless the wretched joyful.

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