Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decided not to stress about the 5 events coming this weekend: a dinner for youth group, a luncheon to attend, a play to attend (our own young starling on stage), a fundraiser to run and finish up, and a 2nd social at our house. Yes, the holiday cards are on my desk. No, I don't have all the addresses or photos printed. Yes, I wrote the letter to family and friends :) No, I won't stress. Yes, there are knitting projects waiting to be transformed into gifts. No, I haven't quite finished shopping, tho I thought I had. Yes, I get to have kids do wrapping for me :D No, I haven't finished cleaning the house. Yes, I have a plan for cleaning the entire house. No, we didn't make the choir concert last night because G didn't feel good. Yes, I did make a mess of the kitchen last night. Making crackers. And then I rested. And then went to work in my warm, comfy bed. Dreaming.

Good to sleep, wonderful to dream. And to wake and bless the house and all our plans, children, loved ones and "enemies".

Now, to stick to the plan. Work. Not stress.

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