Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Incentives and Performance

Performance-related pay doesn't encourage performance Very interesting article. Intrinsic rewards have always been more powerful. Nice to see it substantiated :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unchecked healthcare costs will ruin America

Good article but especially see comments by Canadians on Candadian health insurance! Unchecked healthcare costs will ruin America - health - 21 September 2009 - New Scientist

Caring for Your Introvert

Great, funny article. Having been married to one, and now dating someone who is borderline (maybe), I have to concur with most of this article. On the other hand, perhaps the highest compliment he's ever given me was, "I've never wanted to tell you to shut the {heck} up."
Caring for Your Introvert - The Atlantic (March 2003)

The Wrong Way to Criticize Healthcare Reform - The Atlantic Business Channel

Good short article about some of the crazy ways this health care reform debate is morphing into rhetoric. The sad part is it's still stalled. What has happened to politicians - elected leaders - who could LEAD? It's not just Obama, but within the parties too? Where are our compassionate conservatives? Who looks out for us, we the People, against gigantic corporate interests? No one, apparently.

The Wrong Way to Criticize Healthcare Reform - The Atlantic Business Channel

Just heard btw (on NPR last night) that the Atlantic Monthly was the most prestigious and widely read magazine in the country during the Civil War and after. I am duly impressed.

The Value of a Religious Life

I'm rarely disturbed.(lol Ok, maybe not rarely.)

Still, it is very disturbing to hear how the faith community is suffering during these hard times, Religious life won't be the same after downturn

That people don't naturally gravitate now to church, temple, mosque or another faith community concerns me on two levels.

One, they are likely missing a very key ingredient in their ability to thrive: Hope.

We all need encouragement, forgiveness, inspiration. Sure, we can find it other places if we look hard enough. But where can we get all those at once? It's an efficient use of your time.

People who regularly attend services also get human contact and support. You connect to others, some worse off than you, others better off. But everyone is just there being children of G-d (or Gods :)

And then, while you are there, you can offer those same gifts to others - love, support, encouragement, hope.

It's no surprise that people who go to church at least once a week are healthier and live longer.

Especially now, it's a good idea to tap into your Spiritual side.

If you don't have one, think about getting one. It's just part of a regular, healthy lifestyle. :)

Btw, being "Religious" has gotten a bad name. It's a bad rap in itself. I can find absolutely no foundation to the idea that because SOME religions are a disaster therefore all religion is bad. Usually it is branches, distant offshoots, of a decent religion, and more specifically those crazy radicals (G-d love em) who twist dogma beyond recognition. Radicalism has a lot to do with the problem of giving anything a bad name - religion, politics, exercise.

So don't throw the baby out with the bath water. This thinking is so simplistic. Weak weak vaporous argument. Aren't we capable of more complex thought patterns? Hundreds of thousands of good congregations are out there. They aren't perfect, but who is? It's messy to come together and agree on stuff. The healthier the parts, the healthier the whole.

If the first reason to turn to your faith is mundane: it is good for you, your health, and your community, the second is a bit loftier, but also easy.

Maybe, just maybe, it works.

If G-d is watching us, as I believe, then it's got to be in stereo too.

Why wouldn't G-d, who is beyond our even most basic comprehension, hear our prayers?

Even NOT praying is a form of prayer. Maybe anytime we give attention to something it is a form of prayer. If we intentionally add prayer, like I often do when knitting, then it gives more, well, power or energy to what you are doing.

So prayer and practicing your faith are a way of shifting energy.

If all is holy, as the Kabbalist believe, even into the depths of Hell there exists a spark of G-d, then every thing is holy. Including your walk in the morning, your tennis at night. Burning dinner. Crashed finances. Grief. Loneliness. Joy. Sex. Fashion shows with toddlers in BIZARRE dresses. Crazy dictators speaking at the UN. Mobs of cattle, also known as Congress, running into a river and drowning. Young talented girls winning at tennis tournaments. People trying to dance. Floods that ruin everything. Falling down. Getting up. Especially getting up.

But still, make a practice of your faith. Go be with your people. Support them, let them support you. Be inspired, find Hope, exercise your Faith muscles :)

And know that even doing it "badly" is holy ;)

Big Grin.

Love and Joy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths

I love this guy's website. I don't think the CDC is evil and see it serves a purpose.

Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles on Deficiency Link to H1N1 Deaths

Then again, why they are into behavior sciences too... I suppose suicide is a disease... but can we just please have another government group - like, I dunno, Department of Homeland Security and Mental Health take care of it?

Why Business Continunity Planning is Important

And personal emergency planning is critical as well.

As Galveston Recovers From Hurricane Ike, Some Residents Feel Left Behind -

U.S. business group warns of swine flu absenteeism | Reuters

Reason I'm going into Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Managment: U.S. business group warns of swine flu absenteeism | Reuters

Most businesses, in my experience, haven't got a clue how to survive a catastrophic event.

On the other hand, it doesn't take much. Seeking first few (free) clients.

Monday, September 21, 2009

What Is the Real and Noble Purpose of Business?

I like this guy - subscribe to his service, a company to help me build a website. Tho I have had my ass on the front lines for so long I have paid for a year (!) of service and haven't done anything with it. Yet. Be forewarned. lol
SiteSell: The Blog: What Is the Real and Noble Purpose of Business?: "It's important to understand and believe in the truly noble purpose of business and capitalism. Every great business, large or small (and the smallest of businesses can and should be great), has enabled its clients to profit off its products (i.e., get more value out than dollar put in)."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One of my Favorite Quotes

A friend posted this the other day. Extremely important to remember "in these troubled times".
Facebook | Home: "'Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always. ' ~ Gandhi"
Truly we are all more troubled than usual. And it is a time when we look to our heros.

I've said for years that it is crucial that we continue to have Heroes, and Heroines. I draw hope and inspiration from these icons every day.

In the face of news that our religions are NOT getting stronger, during our national angst (which surprises me), it is even more important that we find and appreciate those who are Brave, Good, Kind and Wise.

Integrity, courage, and right use of cunning is NOT dead! Take Hope! Have Faith!

What's Behind the Anger? - George's Bottom Line

I really like George Stephanopolous and follow him on Twitter. One day I'll find an easy way to link to his Twitaccount. Ok, that wasn't really hard. Spelling his name was harder.

I liked his post What's Behind the Anger? - George's Bottom Line, about how there is so much vitriol and anger on health care reform.

It's similar to this story, out just today, about a Facebook poll about killing Obama, and the increase in hate rhetoric over the summer.

I suspect that a lot of the passions come from people being mired in fear right now. Fears about the economy, swine flu, retirement and our health care, as well as other seasonal stuff like the storms that swept Atlanta and flooded us out.

I've even found myself dreaming of the floods, tho I didn't seem as affected during. I was and am deeply concerned, but didn't worry or fret over it. Nonetheless, mud and rising waters show up in my sleep, along with concerns about caring for my children.

In one dream, children were being catapulted! (I love how my dreaming brain talks to me!) It probably had to do with launching children into an adult world before their time, as well as my fears about how to be a good Mom during all this transition in our lives.

Last week I remember also thinking about how teens so need their parents, and it is our job to remain available and diligent in raising them, even when they pretend to hate us, not need us, and fight to pull away.

A few years ago NPR did an excellent story on the topic. But that is another post, another day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tyrants and Religion...

Bravely slogging thru about 15 draft posts in blogger application. Again, bear with me, please as I work to recall what I was thinking, much of it half-baked.

Here is a good one:
Facebook | Home: Ronald Clingenpeel : "What do Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot have in common? Stalin attended Russian Orthodox seminary; when young Hitler wanted to be a priest; and Pot spent six years as a Buddist monk. Yes, they were all dictators who massacred after leaving the religious life behind. Hmmmm."
I found this factoid absolutely stunning and so will categorize it as Wormhole. New category is born on my blog. I spontaneously plan to tag ideas this way that are too big for me to process all at once.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Ring Octopuses (Hapalochlaena spec.)

Finding out that posts/sites captured via Google's "Send to" tool, keep the original date I found them when I eventually publish them. Am pleased with this, as it shows some effort in the past, however half-assed. I started a post, didn't finish it, and voila, get full credit because no one is actually grading this shit, erm effort. (Note to self: think about if I want to cuss in blog, and why or why not. Probably should share decision, in tru BBL fashion - belly button lint. Meaning that it's really too self-examining to consider all that seriously)

Found these gorgeous creatures, Blue Ring Octopuses (Hapalochlaena spec.) after they were referenced in NCIS (tv show). I don't even know what NCIS stands for. Maybe Navy Crime Investigations Syndicated.

I've started watching this show a bit, because
  1. it's on.
  2. My parental units enjoy it so, see #1.
  3. I kinda like Mark Harmon - at least I love his style on this show. Reminds me a great deal of Stan, come to think of it (my S.O.) (Thank G-d Stan is not as stoic, but close)
  4. Love the computer geek chick
  5. Love the Israeli kick ass chick
  6. Nice eye candy in that other guy (smart and cute, go figure)
  7. good writing and character development
So there's my TV review of the month. For now

Thursday, September 10, 2009

URban Legend: Relatiolution | UR Chicago

found this months ago - learning new blogging tools (thanks google) and so a few extra posts tonight (thanks insomnia :)
URban Legend: Relatiolution | UR Chicago: "We’re always becoming different people as time goes on. I probably would have nothing in common with “Byrons of Byron Past”. Things are always going to change within our selves. It’s in that evolution where we have to learn how to accept that if our selves are allowed to change and become better than you have to trust your relationship’s evolutions will only get better. In the end, the evolution of our selves affects the evolutions of our relationships."