Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Ring Octopuses (Hapalochlaena spec.)

Finding out that posts/sites captured via Google's "Send to" tool, keep the original date I found them when I eventually publish them. Am pleased with this, as it shows some effort in the past, however half-assed. I started a post, didn't finish it, and voila, get full credit because no one is actually grading this shit, erm effort. (Note to self: think about if I want to cuss in blog, and why or why not. Probably should share decision, in tru BBL fashion - belly button lint. Meaning that it's really too self-examining to consider all that seriously)

Found these gorgeous creatures, Blue Ring Octopuses (Hapalochlaena spec.) after they were referenced in NCIS (tv show). I don't even know what NCIS stands for. Maybe Navy Crime Investigations Syndicated.

I've started watching this show a bit, because
  1. it's on.
  2. My parental units enjoy it so, see #1.
  3. I kinda like Mark Harmon - at least I love his style on this show. Reminds me a great deal of Stan, come to think of it (my S.O.) (Thank G-d Stan is not as stoic, but close)
  4. Love the computer geek chick
  5. Love the Israeli kick ass chick
  6. Nice eye candy in that other guy (smart and cute, go figure)
  7. good writing and character development
So there's my TV review of the month. For now

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