Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's Behind the Anger? - George's Bottom Line

I really like George Stephanopolous and follow him on Twitter. One day I'll find an easy way to link to his Twitaccount. Ok, that wasn't really hard. Spelling his name was harder.

I liked his post What's Behind the Anger? - George's Bottom Line, about how there is so much vitriol and anger on health care reform.

It's similar to this story, out just today, about a Facebook poll about killing Obama, and the increase in hate rhetoric over the summer.

I suspect that a lot of the passions come from people being mired in fear right now. Fears about the economy, swine flu, retirement and our health care, as well as other seasonal stuff like the storms that swept Atlanta and flooded us out.

I've even found myself dreaming of the floods, tho I didn't seem as affected during. I was and am deeply concerned, but didn't worry or fret over it. Nonetheless, mud and rising waters show up in my sleep, along with concerns about caring for my children.

In one dream, children were being catapulted! (I love how my dreaming brain talks to me!) It probably had to do with launching children into an adult world before their time, as well as my fears about how to be a good Mom during all this transition in our lives.

Last week I remember also thinking about how teens so need their parents, and it is our job to remain available and diligent in raising them, even when they pretend to hate us, not need us, and fight to pull away.

A few years ago NPR did an excellent story on the topic. But that is another post, another day.

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