Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Soul Searching and Soul Food

A Recipe for Moving Forward

Ok - so the next step is dealing with details. Like "what do I need to know to make the next decision", contemplate the ingredients. What do I have, what do I need? Do I have the right tools in my virtual kitchen?

And then a long long drive. Let it all settle in a bit.

I'm thinking Athens. And hang out with friends who have known me for several lifetimes.

And then just sit some more, piddle, knit, bake maybe. Clean... but not in any pointed fashion.

Maybe keep driving - go see Aunt Linda, my grandad's one acre in sandy ant infested South Georgia. Go to the beach. Sit.

Go to Charlotte. Sit and drink tea. Hang out.

Show up in St. Louis for a court date in December - old business trying to get a rental deposit back. Hope for an easy win and cash they owe me :) Be worthless otherwise.

Tie up loose ends and finish thinking by the Winter Solstice... maybe I'll re-read some old wise books... you know, where you read and don't really retain anything...

Celebrate Chanuaka. Practice my Hebrew. Just be at services. Soak it all in.

I think I'll get my hair cut. In Macon (an hour south of Atlanta). By my cousin. Family with benefits . Simple stuff. The stuff of life.

1 comment:

Drew said...

Or you could...

1) Get your resume in order again
2) Hit linked in so hard it makes loud noises when you login
3) Pimp your friends for leads
4) Hire a hit man to take care of the thing in St. Louis
5) Determine that life does not in fact suck
6) Marvel at the complexities the universe has to offer
7) Get off the pity wagon.

its not that you shouldn't have time to mourn, you should. But there are bigger more grand issues at hand that need to be tended. I know you're tired. I know your disappointed, but you cannot give up. Not now, not never. For yourself and your kids.