Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Comfort Food

Ok - here is a normal response to change: eat your favorite foods. Disregard calories.

this morning it was cathead biscuits and sawmill gravy. Came out alright, but the biscuits could do with a tad less wheat flour. Aunt Betty, Queen of Southern Biscuits, would stare if I told her I was trying to make biscuits with wheat. But I'm stubborn that way. Something about the wheat cancels out the sausage gravy fat :)

Here are my recipe sources and notes:

whole wheat biscuits
I added some wheat germ -

sawmill gravy

1/2 cup of beef bouillon (1 cube) and 1.5 cups milk and beef brat wurst (2)
pepper and premixed flour into cold milk

simmer down to right consistency

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