Monday, November 12, 2007


I exclaimed loudly after Keith almost wrecked the truck last night. "I knew it!" he said, "You're a believer!"

"What?!?" I yelled, gasping for air. "Yeah," realizing I'm still alive "I believe you're a *&^% idiot!!!!"

Gwyneth is with me, reading and laughing, and says I should use a "beep" instead of *&^%.

We are going to read more HP tonight - on the 7th and final installment. Alas, Dobby has just died, and I can completely sympathize with his surprise at being fatally wounded (OOPS! spoiler alert!)

Having just been laid off from my new glizty job, I've gone from serene to pissed off in 72 hours flat - ok, it's more like 80 hours, but who's counting?

G says I can't be stressed when I don't have a job

ps. she adds, "You can't be serious. 'Here lies Vicki, a free elf.'" I'm off to look up sardonic.

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K said...

There are no Athiests in foxholes. We were not even close to the curb let alone hitting a small street sign..