Friday, March 5, 2010

Building a Better Teacher

1. that we don't know how to do this
2. that we are finally admitting it
3. that we've allowed bureaucratic buffoons to determine HOW we measure good teaching (with standardized testing - where does that measure encouragement? or caring?), thereby making teaching even more difficult
4. that it will take years before we can get something in place to teach the NEXT generation of teachers, while we are faced with the immediate loss of the best teachers quitting because it's too stressful and low paying, or retiring, thus leaving us with fewer good role models
5. that anyone would want to teach with all the expectations of parents and administrators to meet all the complex needs of children, where parents are unable or unwilling to do their part
6. that it is difficult to impossible to get good talent from outside the "standard" track because teacher unions create barriers, while many good candidates are out of work

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