Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Passing of an Era

The Energizer Bunny Balloon is being retired. A very sad day.

YouTube - The world's biggest hot air balloon - Bunny balloon hops in

I took the kids several times to the St. Louis Balloon Races. It was one of the best festivals I've ever attended.

One of the best things about St. Louis is all the wonderful free events and venues for families. There is also the Shakespeare Festival (free), the world-class Art Museum (free) and Forest Park (much bigger than NYC's Central Park).

Of course there are the Cardinals and the Rams, and an amazing children/art museum called City Museum, another favorite place for us (even the teens love it - where else can you crawl into sculptures several stories tall, or roll down flights of a rack system designed for the shoe company that originally occupied the building?)

The city is easy to get around, friendly if a bit provincial, and progressive. There are oddly more natives in St. Louis than in any other city I've ever seen. Natives may leave but they always seem to migrate home to raise families.

I love Atlanta, and it will always be home, but I sure miss St. Louis.

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