Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swim Naked

Many years ago on a summer road trip there was a beautiful rest stop, in South Carolina. At the water's edge the lake beckoned, and I had to go in. I peeled off my sundress and dove into the cove, cool water splashing over my skin, sun on my back, sure strokes until it was far enough.

Finally back I swam, pulling, kicking, breathing, loving every second. Delighted in the world, in every atom of my being.

It was a completely joyful moment. It helped that no one was around (that I know of.. well, one friend) but even onlookers may not have stopped me.

I came across exactly the right summary of this moment today: v’samachta lifnei Hashem, “and you shall be joyous before God” (Deuteronomy 16:11).

Exactly. My body couldn't hold my joy that day, and I had to let it out! Imagine if we could let each joyful moment be a prayer, a tribute to the Divine? Joy bubbles up, laughter breaks clouds and tension.

Too often we cower in fear, let the mundane overtake us, the darkness prevail. If hope is to spring eternal, well, we have to get out there.

Dance, swim, sing, and if you dare, do it naked. (grin)

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