Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout Won't Cost Top Executives of Failed Firms a DIME

Here is something I found today, reported at CNNMoney on the new bailout plan (which I noticed they have begun to try to sell us as a "buy in" - ha!)

Limiting executive pay: Curbs would be placed on the compensation of executives at companies that sell mortgage assets to Treasury. Among them, companies that participate will not be able to deduct the salary they pay to executives above $500,000.

They also will not be allowed to write new contracts that allow for "golden parachutes" for their top 5 executives if they are fired or the company goes belly up. But the executives' current contracts, which may include golden parachutes, would still stand.

And the valuation of assets looks as clear as mud - no one knows how bad the problem is, and no one can say what assets are worth, especially in this market.

If the plan "costs the taxpayers money" then

If it ends up with a net loss, however, the bill says the president must propose legislation to recoup money from the financial industry if the rescue plan results in net losses to taxpayers five years after the plan is enacted.

In addition, Treasury would be allowed to take ownership stakes in participating companies.

Stemming foreclosures: The bill calls for the government, as an owner of a large number of mortgage securities, to exert influence on loan servicers to modify more troubled loans.

In cases where the government buys troubled mortgage loans directly from banks, it can adjust them more easily.

Exert influence?? That doesn't sound like real help for homeowners to me.

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