Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working Out

There is something wicked about humidity and working out. Just an evil combination.

Good design for keeping people walking down the aisle at revivals tho, while all the fans are going and the preacher is working up a frenzy! I mean, if you've been working all day in the sun, or before A/C, then find a cool tent on a summer night. Your choices are cool Heaven or hot as Hell. You'd be crazy as a bedbug to mess that up.

Tonight I've decided to form my own personal boot camp: walk, bike, swim and dance. And I'm going to learn to skull (row) this summer. And find a workout partner!

Found out a little about the Atlanta Rowing Club last weekend, been itching to try it. Especially when I heard you don't have to go out alone or on a team of 16 athletic college students :D There are 2 seaters, 8 seaters, etc. Who knows what will happen when I start gliding along the Chattahoochee? Can't pick a more beautiful place to row.

The other decision is to join a team for the Atlanta MS-150. This is a benefit ride for Multiple Sclerosis. Did it a few years ago in Missouri, and it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.

I'll need some "mature" women who know when to slow down, and won't laugh too hard when I take a fall or nearly wobble off my seat.

Ok, and there's dance. Now this is a hard one. What is better, good old fashioned Swing, or a Hip Hop Cardio? Or there is Salsa Cardio.... so many choices. It's great to have an active Recreation Center right around the corner, and low fees, great facilities, etc. here in Roswell.

For the record, if you Google "Atlanta Swing Club" it isn't all about dancing... jeez. I feel old (and very very grateful to be old enough to be creeped out).

Here is the actual DANCE group - right down the road in Norcross. This is the best fun that is legal, btw. If you haven't tried it, well, you haven't lived. Shag is perfect for the beach, and contra dancing for the mountains, but Swing just fits the west coast and especially the Midwest.

Did you know St. Louis has the most Swing Dance clubs in the country?! Great people. Friendly, patient, hard toed shoes. No smoking - at least inside.

Now that I think of it, Contra dancing (kind of like square dancing, but without all the hokey-ness) may suit us better to begin with. Kind of like Jazz is to Symphony. We need a bit more improvisation I think. "Calling" should help. (Calling directions that is. Nevermind that I'm having big flashbacks to trying to figure out the hustle many years ago. It wasn't pretty.)

Good news is I've got a dance partner, when I'm not in my own class.

But finding a woman friend to push me when I'm busy/tired/full of excuses. Not so easy... hmmm... of course I'll try Craigslist. (report back - nope, that didn't work!) And there is Temple. I'll let you know how it, er, works out.

(I crack myself up)

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