Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Madness

Another week flashes by and here are new shots to prove it:

We got to have Drake come visit for the week, and Josh joined us one night to beat the kids at ping pong.

Funny how when they are little you make sacrifices for a Little Tykes plastic car they can push around and ride in.

When they get older you find yourself getting a ping pong table and making treks to the bookstore for "How to Get into College" and find yourself thankful it's just a few hundred dollars.

The price of entertainment ain't what it used to be.

I still can't get over going to movies costing $30 even if you don't get candy!

We did go down to the nefarious Georgia Tech - but only because the cars were cool, and the Lacrosse game was important, and well, I thought another arcade would put me over the edge...

We rode the trolley, which was my favorite part, and hiked to the very top of the new Student Athletic Center and viewed the pools from 4 flights up.

I paid for that little hike, btw, for two days after. Better get my butt to the bike store!

Here we are at the Ga Tech Bookstore - uh, owned by Barnes and Noble, curiously...

and even more curious that my photo software, Picaso, flips the pics on their side, but then it doesn't save that way, hence a sideways shot here:

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