Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Addendum - more politics

There is a lot of stuff, bad bad signs of the time, that even a stellar presidnet can't do much about. But he/she can sure set the tone and by focusing on the right fulcrums, raise our standards.

I dated a hot journalism major for a while at Georgia. My dad was a journalist (award winning in south fla) but the profession is starting to get too much like classical musicians - have to be sexy for glossy attention... where is the substance, the real talent?

I miss Connie Chung.

I'm not trying to be nilhistic, but I have to wonder if it makes a difference which Democrat runs? Can't they beat McCain based on the last 8 years and running someone with a birthday after WWII?

It could come down to this: if we are engaged in active battle or something happens to remind us of how vulnerable we are, McCain will take it 'cause he's yo Daddy. If not, then the Democrats have a real chance.

One new thought - the choice of a running mate will be crucial this year, for both parties. No sense forgetting that Cheney is the brains in the White House right now.

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