Thursday, January 3, 2008

Post Holiday Landing

We're back, and amazingly, as ever, life goes on.

Having a great time at the beach, seeing cousins in Tampa (yea!) and launching into full tilt entertainment at three world class theme parks sure takes you out of Life as We Know It.

I landed, back home, with two kids in tow and a van full of "stuff" (!) I found a fridge on the blink, dogs who missed us and a house that needs attention. My job search is back on, and it all looks like stuff - George Carlin would nod knowingly.

So my mood is to read (still on Freakanomics, The Pillars of the Earth, etc.) and think, and apply for jobs.

The big goal right now is to find income - probably in a corporate legal dept. The last 20 odd years have given me solid experience in business, IT, and legal. I've added litigation and directorship over the last couple of years, and voila, a "Litigation Readiness" geek is born.

On the other hand there is a strong urge to consider other options. A close friend is starting up a business, and serious non-profit work appeals to me. I have some ideas in this last arena, and once I flesh them out I may move out of the research phase into some activity that can lead to a career change.

And in addition to unpacking, supporting Gwyneth and forming this new relationship, I'll help launch my friend's new business. Who knows? He's bright, kind and loyal and I could work for him :) It's hard work, but we could make it happen. What I love is that we share the goal of helping people get back on their feet where we can. More on this endeavor as details develop.

So while I may not always see them, I do have options. Sunshine, I find, helps in regaining perspective.

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