Monday, December 24, 2007


Not sure if this a good idea (the layers of technical difficulties in transmitting my words, fragile bits and bytes). But I'm trapped on hwy 16 in South GA and it seems a good time for testing.

So it saves well enough, in draft form. And edits. Tho I wish I had my new laptop already. This blackberry should act as a modem and allow me access anywhere.

It's been almost 4 years since I bought a new system. Actually a refurb. I need to take the leap to a new sys anyway. May as well be now.

What I dread is the research. Mostly because hardware interests me SO little. Its like cars, I like driving a nice ride, but don't want to give it much thought. When I need power I want it there.

Like cars I know more than average about hardware. Shrug. Still breaks on me. I just know a little more about how.

So blogging by thumb is for the birds (grin) but works in a ponch.

Maybe now my muse will lay off. (Or my OCD)

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